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First 'Open House for School Counsellors' event a great success

First 'Open House for School Counsellors' event a great success

University Foundation College held its first 'Open House for School Counsellors' event on Thursday 7th December, 2017.

The aim of the open house was to ensure that all counsellors are well equipped with the necessary information to provide the right guidance to secondary students in Qatar. Counsellors from Government and International Secondary Schools were invited to attend the event and learn about NCUK universities, Study International UK (SI-UK) and University Foundation College.

The event included a session on the Northern Consortium universities in the UK and information on the establishment on University Foundation College. The session was led by Carol Scott, the Principal of the college. The second session was led by Hanan Hindi, Head of Operations, outlining the local market of students, Ministry of Education and Higher Education requirements and programmes admission requirements at University Foundation College. The final session was led by Mr. Anoop Patel, the Director of Marketing and Admissions, detailing SI-UK services offered at the college, University Information Days and the 'Working Education Together' reward scheme.

The event witnessed a great success and offered counsellors an opportunity to learn about UK universities and the college's offerings for students in Qatar. University Foundation College plans to work closely with Qatar's school counsellors to ensure that students understand the various educational options they have within Qatar and in the UK. The college plans to host another event for counsellors on 16th January 2018 and an Open House event on 17th January 2018 for parents and students who wish to join the college or to study in the UK. NCUK representatives will be present during both events in January.

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