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How to deal with exams

How to deal with exams

Mock exams are approaching and you may be wondering how to deal with exams.

Exams seem like something none of us can run away from in life, so let’s face up to them together. This blog will focus on the key areas when preparing for exams.

What works for you?

The most important factor that everyone revising for exams needs to realise, is that we are all different and we all revise in ways that may seem weird for others. You need to find what method or environment that works best for you. For some, peaceful music whilst sitting at a table in the library works, whereas others can only work with loud music and all their notes scattered across their bed.

Revising on your bed could work for you.
Revising on your bed could work for you.

Look after your body

We all know students will have their phones nearby, but a more important object which should be in close proximity is water. Especially with the heat that Doha brings, you should be staying hydrated even more so as drinking water reduces stress. However, it is okay to be stressed; we're not robots, but reducing stress is only going to be beneficial.

Along with healthy eating and drinking, getting enough sleep is vital for memory performance, so make sure you manage your time well. Staying up all night cramming in revision isn’t worth it in the long run, especially if you have an exam the following morning. If you can’t help but use your phone whilst in bed, try and put the night mode setting on; this emits a red light from your screen instead of a blue light. This red light causes less strain on the eyes and your sleep won't be affected as much.

Don't be up all night during exams!
Don't be up all night during exams!

Plan ahead

Finally, you should always plan when preparing for exams in conjunction with the dates and/or with how confident you are on the modules at hand. Furthermore, after reading the question in your exam you should plan your answer so you can ensure all your points are covered.

If you have any problems or want more advice on how to deal with exams, please speak to your tutor or any UFC staff. We're happy to help in any way!

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