Student Experience

Academic Support

Study Skills & Personal Development support

We provide academic support to help you gain and develop skills to make the best of your Pre-IFY and NCUK International Foundation Year studies whilst you are at University Foundation College. You are expected to learn independently on the NCUK International Foundation Year Programme; this means taking responsibility for your own study. Many of the academic skills you are expected to use whilst at the College will be new to you. Some of the skills you will need to develop when you progress to university study are:

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Reading and Note-making
  • Basic Research & Evaluation
  • Referencing
  • Working in Groups
  • Presentations
  • Exam Techniques and Skills

We will cover many of above aspects of study throughout your time with us.

English language support

We offer a wide range of individual and group support aimed at enhancing your English language skills and overall confidence throughout your stay with the University Foundation College. On the Pre-IFY and NCUK International Foundation Year Programme you will develop intensive English language skills which include Academic Reading, Pronunciation, Grammar and academic writing.

Personal tutors

You will be allocated a Personal Tutor that you can see regularly. You can seek advice, usually by appointment or during scheduled tutorial hours.


Plagiarism means to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one's own. In some countries this is more acceptable than others, however in the UK is an important part of your studies and you must ensure that you know what it means and you understand the basic guidelines about this. Plagiarism guidance workshops will be provided when you join the course at the University Foundation College.

Student Welfare Services

Everybody gets stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed sometimes and there are a variety of sources of support available. We are all here to help you and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you, however big or small you feel your problem may be.

Confidential Counselling

We offer a confidential counselling service. Counselling offers you the opportunity to explore any difficulties you may be having, any distress you may be experiencing or any dissatisfaction you may be feeling in your life. Please contact the student welfare officer to make an appointment. Alternatively you can complete a confidential blue slip in Student Services.

Financial Support

Don’t let your finances hold you back! The University Foundation College in Qatar is committed to supporting students from a variety of financial backgrounds and personal circumstances with their studies. Our package of financial support is designed to empower students who are eligible to access education by offering them extra funding toward course related costs.

Discretionary Student Bursary

The Discretionary Student Bursary is money is to help students from low income families. This is a discretionary bursary and the college will make a student assessment based on their personal circumstances. The bursary may be used for course related costs such as text books, equipment, essential trips and transport to college.

Information Reports to Parents

We supply parents regular reports on areas such as general achievement, attitude and any concerns. We encourage parents to maintain close contact with personal tutors and to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress with us.

Student Action Group

The group is run by students, for the students. The group promotes the student voice across College and promotes charity fundraising activities, sporting activities and develops a range of activities and events for students. The group meets weekly and discusses issues which are affecting students within the College. As a member of the group you will benefit from becoming a student leader, actively participating in a wide range of College events.


Here at the University Foundation College we are dedicated to provide exceptional facilities to enhance your experience:

Computer labs
Lecture halls
Modern classrooms
Science labs
Quiet working areas
Recreational common area
Prayer rooms

NCUK University Application Centre

NCUK's Placement Service makes us unique as a provider. Our local, dedicated team offer specialist help students to navigate their way through the UK university application process. The University Foundation College have brought together all the information and advice that are required under one roof. Our counsellors will make sure you get placed on the right course at the best university. We have plenty of experience and our counsellors will guide you on the numerous options of studying at Higher Education institutions.

British Council IELTS Registration Centre

Our staff at the college will help you to register for your IELTS Test at the British Council.